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Kara 2000 intends the attraction of active and motivated Agents throughout the country is the guaranteed way to succeed in overcoming competitors, expanding market share, creating unknown markets and satisfying its customers.


Categories of Agents:

Official Agents:
Persons who act as natural or legal Agents; where, the points for the sales of products and services for Kara 2000 Company are granted to them through official contracts.

Exclusive Agents:
After analysis of the main features of main agents and investigating their features, performance, sales capabilities, consent, cooperation, and loyalty, Agents in every province undergo rankings and ratings analysis; finally, any of the elected ones act as the sole agent of a province, where they have been performing trade in there.
International Agents:
This category of individuals is elected with regard to the particular circumstances of the company's development strategy and sales at various levels.

Sales Agents:
Sales Agent (representative) is a natural or legal person who has obtained the sales points of the products of Kara 2000 Company. He is only authorized to introduce customer (client for software or hardware) to the company. All later procedures are under the liability of by Kara 2000 Company and in case of sale; his commission will be paid according to the table.
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