About us


درباره ما

Using over 25-year experience, Kara 2000 Company works as the pioneer producer of attendance systems, camera attendancesystems and the only producer of Touch Screen attendance systems in Iran, acting in the field of designing and producing control systems including hardware and software.
Kara 2000 Company defined its objectives toward development and expansion of the current level of commercial and technological cooperation with valid international companies in different joint venture investments and under license contracts.
We believe that our customers deserve receiving the best products and services. Therefore, we think of developing national self-sufficiency and full satisfaction of our customers and also, taking benefit of technological efficiency toward optimization of the economical efficiency of production systems and presenting proper solutions and comprehensive services are interweaved with Kara 2000 Company. Kara 2000 Company has been also thinking of promoting product quality through development of quality culture and developing the company to a dignified and well-known organization. The aforesaid items are the main objectives of with Kara 2000 Company. Through supplying and developing software and hardware products and presenting supporting services for providing added value for customers through continuous and stable stabilization and offering pioneer and efficient products based on application of rank top experts and technologies beside using latest technologies and achievements, Kara 2000 Company tends to dominate domestic market and have targeted and effective attendance at global markets toward offering highly distinguished services to its customers and satisfying its beneficiaries.