Time and attendance management is critical for ensuring working time and employee absences are managed correctly, for monitoring and improving operational efficiencies and for ensuring compliance
Web based software allowing anytime anywhere access
Web based interface keeps your data centralized and accessible from anywhere anytime through web browser
Implement fast and comprehensive timesheet easily and quickly
Our Time and attendance management Software allow you to get fast and comprehensive timesheet easily and quickly.
Easy Payroll calculations
Payroll module provides a simple, easy and fast salary calculation.
Define Multiple Time, Shift, Week & Overtime rules
HR can create different-different Time, Shift, Week and OT policies and apply those on various employee groups separately.
Manage holiday & weekly offs easily
Holiday and Week Offs can be managed easily for each branch and department. Company Holiday and Local holiday is the additional feature
Monitor daily timesheet with employee wise and data wise category
Employee Timesheet is available as Employee wise and Date wise. Managers can monitor/view/update employees Timesheet accordingly.
Helps in creating muster to perform payroll processing with accuracy
Our Time and attendance management Software Helps in creating muster to perform payroll processing with accuracy.
Time rounding, late comings, early goings are automated by defined policies
This attendance system calculates late and early entries for each employee according to defined Time Policy. It can be monitored from single click only
Manage and schedule employees to different shifts
Shift Roster to predefine and preplan Employee shift on daily, weekly, monthly and custom duration basis. It least's HR loads to monitor and change shift on daily basis.
Monitor employee attendance for reconciliation
With few clicks Manager can monitor employee's entire performance including attendance, absent, late, early departure, OT and many more
Keep a track of leaves, absence or vacation
System keeps all the records of employee's approved and planned leaves, Offs and Holidays
Integration with different biometric devices & RFID readers
Timelabs supports and is integrated various biometric devices that are available in market today that keeps track on employees working hours and attendance management
Import/export data to and from excel
Timelabs provides various excel templates to upload your master data into the software; ie employee details, HR details, Leave allotment etc. Moreover this user can export and upload Employee's Shift Roster, OT, Attendance, Salary Days etc.
User access right management
Manager other user access over the Timelabs application. Allow module wise and application wise access to other user.
Completely secured and scalable solution
Software password policy makes it more secure and scalable. Software provides password length, characters, old password history etc. various settings. It also keeps the record of all user sessions.
Precise, accurate and extensive reporting
Timelabs reports present reliable and accurate employee data that can be exported in various report format.
Customization features to meet specific requirements
Our Time and attendance management Software allow you to customize features according to your specific requirement.
Retrieval of historical data is quick
Through Our Time and attendance management Software you will be able to retrieve the previous important data quickly.
Compatible with existing project budgeting solutions
Timelabs adjust your schedule as needed, and help you find the rest of the process goes much smoother. You feel comfortable with the release of the project budgeting solution. Yes, you have to do to market before the competition.
Centralize Attendance data from Multiple Location
Data from LAN, WAN, GPRS is synchronized on a centralized attendance server and that is accessible anywhere from web browser.
Compatible with GPRS enabled Biometric devices
With GPRS compatible devices data can be synchronized at a glance from multiple remote locations and Compatible with Mobile App 


Authentication with mobile software 
As User and Manager With Flexible and different accesses
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