Slide Speed Gate

Slide Gate
  •  Kara2000 is manufacturer of heavy duty and cost effective  glass barrier gates
  • The Slide Speed Gate system can easily integrates with the 3rd party
  • equipment, such as Biometric systems, consumption systems, ESD system and access control system, etc.
  • Operation model: Both directions can be set as controlled mode or free mode.
  • Automatic check fault and alarm prompt function 
  • AntiPass BackSystem: (the system will cancel the people passing right when reading the Access Request but not passing in Specific & limited Time, the time can be set.)
  • The Lock Mode is actived until a valid open signal is received or Remote control & management function or Emergency-escape function send remote Request to Open the Barriers whether power is on or not. UPS is recommended for the Features .
  • Smooth operating motorized barriers, 
  • Extremely fast throughputs.